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    iTEP® Exams

    In line with an agreement made on October 1, 2009 between the Turkish American Association and Boston Educational Services, LLC, the Turkish American Association has been authorized to offer the iTEP exams as a Turkey representative of Boston Education Services.

    The iTEP (International Test of English Proficiency) is a test that assesses the English proficiency of non-native speakers. The exams evaluate reading, listening, grammar,speaking and writing. There are three iTEP exams for different purposes:

    1. ITEP-Academic Plus

    This exam can be used for;

    • Admissions and applications by universities
    • Placement of adults in the appropriate English language programs
    • Assessing language skills of students
    • Teacher assessment
    • Determining eligibility for scholarships
    1. ITEP-Slate Plus

    This exam can be used for;

    • Admission to English speaking high schools or academies
    • Placement of students in the appropriate levels
    • Assessing language skills of teachers
    • Guidance for course and curriculum development
    • Pre- and post-language course evaluation
    • Eligibility determination for exchange programs
    1. ITEP-Business Plus

    This exam can be used for;

    • Assesing English proficiency of new hires
    • Assesing English proficiency of current staff
    • Employee evaluations, promotions
    • Measuring return on investment of English training programs


    All iTEP Plus tests last 90 minutes. Results are available instantly or in approximately five working days.


    iTEP Business Plus Test for Individual and Corporate Needs:

    Individual:  All iTEP tests can be taken online at the Turkish-American Association. Those interested in taking the iTEP exam can apply to TAA and take the test at TAA by making the test payment.

    Corporate: Those companies or institution who make a contract with TAA to purchase the iTEP test can have their new hires or staff take the test at the Turkish American Association or they can give the test at their own workplace provided that they have the required technical infrastructure.

    You can contact the Turkish-American Association for detailed information on iTEP Business test, score equavilancy charts or for corporate and individual requests.

    TAA Telephone: 0312 426 26 48 / e-mail: taaprograms@taa-ankara.org.tr