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Since July 2006, the Internet-based version of the TOEFL test (TOEFL IBT) has been in effect in Turkey. There are four sections (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking) in the test.

The TOEFL IBT course program focuses on the key skills and strategies necessary to tackle the test and covers the following:  

- Test-taking techniques and strategies - Listening, reading, writing and necessary skills and strategies for the test

- Component analysis and evaluation that equips the trainees with the skills and strategies to tackle the certain parts of the test

- Integrated 12-hour speaking section 

- Full-length computer based tests

Intensive program 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, 3 hours per day, 69 hours in total
Regular Program Saturdays and Sundays, 4 hours per day, 68 hours in total

***After taking our online TOEFL Placement Test, please get an appointment for oral assessment from the Courses Office. 

Monday through Friday (15 hrs/w)
Course Hours
Course Dates

 January 7 - February 6

 February 11 - March 13

 March 18 - April 17

Saturday - Sunday (8 hrs/w)
Course Hours
09:30 - 13:20
Course Dates

 December 8 - February 2

 February 3 - March 31

 April 6 - June 2

TAA is a registered TOEFL iBT Test Center where you can your test.


The TOEFL iBT test is the most widely respected English-language test in the world, recognized by more than 9,000 colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries, including Australia, Canada, the U.K. and the United States. 

Who Takes the TOEFL iBT Test?

More than 30 million people from all over the world have taken the TOEFL test to demonstrate their English-language proficiency. The average English skill level ranges between Intermediate and Advanced.

  • Students planning to study at a higher education institution
  • English-language learning program admissions and exit
  • Scholarship and certification candidates
  • English-language learners who want to track their progress

TOEFL iBT Test Content

There are four sections (listening, reading, speaking and writing) which take a total of about four and a half hours to complete.

Total score: 120


- Read 3 or 4 passages from academic texts and answer questions.
- 36-56 questions in total
- 60-80 minutes
- Score - 0-30 


- Listen to lectures, classroom discussions, and conversations, then answer questions                                                                                      
- 34-51 questions in total 
- 60-90 minutes
- Score -  0-30 


- Express an opinion on a familiar topic; speak based on reading and listening tasks 
- 20 minutes
- Score - 0-30 


- Write essay responses based on reading and listening tasks; support an opinion in writing  
- 20 and 30 minutes 
- Score - 0-30 

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